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The Randolph Arts Guild to feature exhibition by artist Barbara Burlingame   (02/02/17)
Asheboro, NC - The Randolph Arts Guild is excited to announce that Barbara Burli... (read more)


Share Your Love of the NC Zoo by Sharing Your Favorite Zoo Photos   (01/30/17)
ASHEBORO, NC – Show the world how much you love the North Car... (read more)

Four Saints Brewing Company Welcomes Fourth Art Wall Project Artist, Michael Messer   (01/25/17)
Asheboro, NC - The fourth of five selected visual artists begins his creati... (read more)

30th Annual NC Potters Conference | March 3, 4, & 5, 2017   (01/23/17)
Asheboro, NC - The Randolph Arts Guild will host the 30th Annual NC Potters Conf... (read more)

Four Saints Brewing Company Art Wall Auction to Benefit Randolph County Animal Shelter   (01/19/17)
Asheboro, NC - The Four Saints Brewing Company's Inaugural Art Wall Project cont... (read more)

North Carolina Zoo Boasts Record Attendance for 2016   (01/13/17)
ASHEBORO, NC – 2016 brought 797,159 guests to the North Carol... (read more)

Volunteer Opportunities Abound at the North Carolina Zoo   (01/13/17)
ASHEBORO, NC – Experience the North Carolina Zoo in a whole n... (read more)

North Carolina Zoo Closed Saturday and Sunday   (01/05/17)
ASHEBORO, NC – The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro will be clo... (read more)


North Carolina Zoo’s John Ireland Wins Prestigious Photo Competition   (12/13/16)
ASHEBORO, NC – A photograph of an arctic fox by John Ireland,... (read more)