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The Town of Seagrove is “The Handmade Pottery Capital of the United States” hosting visitors from as far away as Australia, not to mention each of the 50 states. Collecting pottery is nothing new, but in the last dozen years or so, it has turned into a must-do if you’re into supporting the arts, and creating fun bucket list adventures! There are now more than 100 individual potters to visit and collect from in the Seagrove area. Explore at your own pace one pottery shop to the next to see what’s new and exciting in the pottery world, as well as seeing potters make their famous handmade traditional pottery that has been created here for generations! When you take a piece of Seagrove pottery home, you’re also supporting this large family of artists who make a living in this craft.

Our Seagrove Pottery community is dedicated to offering a safe and welcoming shopping experience - in person and online. Please call ahead to your favorite pottery shop for their specific COVID-19 guidelines and requirements.

  • A.R. Britt Pottery
    A.R. Britt Pottery Asheboro

    A.R. Britt Pottery offers traditional pottery glazed in the Cole Pottery tradition including the famous Rebekah pitcher.

  • Avery Pottery and Tileworks
    Avery Pottery and Tileworks Seagrove

    Avery Pottery & Tileworks specializes in finely crafted ceramic forms, extraordinary vessels, and unique handmade tiles; custom tile installations and bridal registry available.

  • Ben Owen Pottery
    Ben Owen Pottery Seagrove

    Ben Owen Pottery specializes in traditional wood fired and contemporary pottery crafted in variations of vibrant colors and distinct forms.

  • Blue Hen Pottery
    Blue Hen Pottery Seagrove

    Blue Hen Pottery offers whimsical wood fired tableware and sculptures.

  • BlueStone Pottery
    BlueStone Pottery Seagrove

    BlueStone Pottery specializes in functional pottery in traditional Seagrove shapes and colors.

  • Bulldog Pottery
    Bulldog Pottery Seagrove

    Bulldog Pottery specializes in a mix of contemporary and classic American art sophisticated functional Moka glaze pottery with soft brown tones decorated with imagery and fun patterns in a variety of forms including tableware and refined vases glazed with subtle and colorful star-shaped iridescent rainbow crystalline glazes.

  • Cagle Road Pottery
    Cagle Road Pottery Seagrove

    Cagle Road Pottery specializes in hand decorated pottery featuring a variety of glazes including crystalline, wood fired and salt ash; and commissioned personalized pieces.

  • Callicutt Pottery
    Callicutt Pottery Asheboro

    Callicutt Pottery specializes in functional pottery including coffee and soup mugs, apple bakers, pie pans, and plates and bowls in a variety of bold and earth tone glazes and food safe reds.

  • Carolina Crockery
    Carolina Crockery Seagrove

    Carolina Crockery is a gallery featuring local ceramic artists including wood works, glasswares, and fiber mediums; also local pottery from Morgan Hatfield and Levi Mahan.

  • Chris Luther Pottery
    Chris Luther Pottery Seagrove

    Chris Luther Pottery specializes in arched bowls with textural exteriors and signature elongated vases and bottles in bright art pottery colors.

  • Chrisco Pottery
    Chrisco Pottery Seagrove

    Chrisco Pottery specializes in functional stoneware in earth tones including dinnerware, lamps, large serving pieces and vases.

  • Crystal King Pottery
    Crystal King Pottery Seagrove

    Crystal King Pottery specializes in functional and folk art pottery including face jugs, political, animal and Biblical sculpture.

  • Dean and Martin Pottery
    Dean and Martin Pottery Seagrove

    Dean and Martin Pottery create a visual harmony of eclectic functional and decorative ceramics. They blend contemporary forms and pop culture themes with vibrant colors and a strong sense of design.


  • DirtWorks Pottery
    DirtWorks Pottery Seagrove

    DirtWorks Pottery specializes in contemporary functional pots in various colors and glazes; and copper lustre Raku.

  • Donna's Pottery Haven
    Donna's Pottery Haven Seagrove

    Donna's Pottery Haven specializes in vibrant, versatile wheel-thrown and handbuilt pottery with various uses as serving trays, chowder bowls, and decorative pigs.

  • Eck McCanless Pottery
    Eck McCanless Pottery Seagrove

    Eck McCanless specializes in carved agateware, crystalline and stoneware pottery.

  • From the Ground Up
    From the Ground Up Robbins

    From the Ground Up specializes in handmade pottery including tree platters, meditation bells, soul pots, and dinnerware.

  • Great White Oak Gallery & Red Hare Pottery
    Great White Oak Gallery & Red Hare Pottery Seagrove

    Great White Oak Gallery & Red Hare Pottery specialize in oriental influenced glazes and techniques in Ox Blood and combinations of blues and greens; hand painted porcelain and white stoneware, and pottery tiles with wildlife and floral motifs.

  • Hickory Hill Pottery
    Hickory Hill Pottery Seagrove

    Hickory Hill Pottery specializes in handmade pottery including functional kitchen and dinnerware in an array of colors.

  • Johnston and Gentithes Pottery & Sculpture
    Johnston and Gentithes Pottery & Sculpture Seagrove

    Johnston & Gentithes Studios specializes in traditional and contemporary pottery and sculpture including wood fired salt glazed pieces made from local clay; and English porcelain.

  • Jugtown Pottery
    Jugtown Pottery Seagrove

    Jugtown Pottery specializes in traditional handmade jugs, candlesticks and teapots in wood fired salt, copper reds and cobalt glazes; gas fired tableware and vases; and handcrafted JLK Jewelry by Jennie Lorette Keatts.

  • Keith Martindale Pottery
    Keith Martindale Pottery Seagrove

    Keith Martindale specializes in unique decorative pieces including cabin jugs and electric glazed carved works.

  • Kovack Pottery
    Kovack Pottery Seagrove

    Kovack Pottery specializes in decorative and utilitarian pottery hand turned by Craig Kovack and hand painted by Michelle Kovack including floral, fruit, log cabin, pine cone, and spongeware patterns; holiday designs including ornaments; and wood-fired salt-glazed pieces including face and spider jugs, and pitchers.

  • Latham's Pottery
    Latham's Pottery Asheboro

    Latham's Pottery specializes in hand turned decorative and traditional utilitarian pottery including bathroom, kitchen and Home Decor and baskets featuring appliques of handmade flowers. Lead-Free Stoneware

  • Luck's Ware
    Luck's Ware Seagrove

    Luck's Ware specializes in a pottery tradition that is observed in the shape of many old-time functional stoneware pieces such as candle holders, churns, jugs, pitchers, and teapots; and wood fired salt glazed pottery fired in a groundhog kiln.

  • Lufkin Pottery
    Lufkin Pottery Seagrove

    Lufkin Pottery specializes in utilitarian and decorative pottery including dinnerware, serving pieces, porch items, and Witness Crocks.

  • McKay Pottery
    McKay Pottery Seagrove

    McKay Pottery specializes in traditional pottery including face jugs and Aladdin teapots.

  • McNeill's Pottery
    McNeill's Pottery Seagrove

    McNeill's Pottery specializes in functional pottery including dinner and tableware handmade with a wide variety of glaze options.

  • Michele Hastings and Jeff Brown Pottery
    Michele Hastings and Jeff Brown Pottery Seagrove

    Michele Hastings and Jeff Brown Pottery specializes in uniquely creative art for daily living. Contemporary stoneware, porcelain, and sculpture, including wood-fired, salt-glazed, and raku.

  • New Salem Pottery
    New Salem Pottery Randleman

    New Salem Pottery specializes in plain and slip decorated redware in original designs and reproductions from the 17th through 20th centuries.

  • Nichols Pottery
    Nichols Pottery Seagrove

    Nichols Pottery specializes in functional and decorative pottery in hand painted and wood ash glazes.

  • O'Quinn Pottery
    O'Quinn Pottery Seagrove

    O'Quinn Pottery specializes in utilitarian pottery including Rebekah pitchers, pound cake pans and apple bakers in marbleized glazes.

  • Old Gap Pottery
    Old Gap Pottery Seagrove

    Old Gap Pottery specializes in unique functional contemporary pottery with an Oriental influence including altered, carved, stamped and hand painted pieces using subtle glazes with an organic nature.

  • Original Owens Pottery
    Original Owens Pottery Seagrove

    The oldest pottery shop in North Carolina, Original Owens specializes in traditional and decorative pottery in their famous Owens red and other original family glazes.

  • Phil Morgan Pottery
    Phil Morgan Pottery Seagrove

    Phil Morgan Pottery specializes in handmade decorative porcelain in rare crystalline glazes; gas fired stoneware; and hand turned wood fired salt glazed pottery.

  • Pottery by Frank Neef
    Pottery by Frank Neef Seagrove

    Pottery by Frank Neef specializes in wheel thrown decorative and functional porcelain with elaborate hand-cut designs in crystalline and other glazes.

  • Pottery Road Studio and Gallery
    Pottery Road Studio and Gallery Seagrove

    Pottery Road Studio and Gallery features the works of several exclusive NC artists, art stamp manufacturing of Rubber Stamp Tapestry, and also showcases functional and contemporary pottery with other fine crafts.

  • Potts Pottery
    Potts Pottery Seagrove

    Potts Pottery specializes in traditional pottery tableware that is lead-free, oven, and dishwasher safe.

  • Ray Pottery
    Ray Pottery Seagrove

    Ray Pottery specializes in fine gas-fired stoneware; dinnerware, serving pieces, and home decor items.

  • Seagrove Art Pottery
    Seagrove Art Pottery Seagrove

    Seagrove Art Pottery specializes in hand-thrown vessels that are designed, cut out, carved or handpainted with underglazes using multiple colored glazes on the surface. Using geometric designs as well as florals, birds, dragonflies, and women. Jinsong Kim is the master potter, clay designer, glaze master and designer of all geometric cutouts; Carol Kim is the painter and carver of all nature related designs.

  • Seagrove Creations
    Seagrove Creations Seagrove

    Seagrove Creations is a gallery featuring the works of more than 70 local potters and craftsmen.

  • Seagrove Pottery
    Seagrove Pottery Seagrove

    Seagrove Pottery is a gallery featuring the works of more than 102 local and regional potters, artists, and craftsmen.

  • Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills
    Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills Aberdeen

    Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills is a gallery featuring over 20 of Seagrove's finest artists

  • Seagrove Stoneware Pottery
    Seagrove Stoneware Pottery Seagrove

    Seagrove Stoneware Pottery specializes in functional and decorative pottery including large vases, dinner, and cookware in hand-etched custom glazes and stains, including copper reds

  • Smith Pottery
    Smith Pottery Seagrove

    Smith Pottery specializes in functional tableware in their signature 'tree of life' and 'dragonfly' designs; and elegant sculpture and hand carved wall art.

  • The Triangle Studio
    The Triangle Studio Seagrove

    The Triangle Studio specializes in functional pots that reflect history against modern aesthetics. Pottery made for multiple functions in the home - table decor, serving, or storage. 

  • Thomas Pottery
    Thomas Pottery Seagrove

    Thomas Pottery specializes in individually handcrafted stoneware ideal for baking, serving, and decorating in simple glaze colors. You'll love the textured patterns, garden items, and animal sculptures.

  • Tom Gray Pottery
    Tom Gray Pottery Seagrove

    Tom Gray Pottery specializes in handmade pots for the arts, acts, and rituals of food preparation, serving and dining.

  • Turn & Burn Pottery
    Turn & Burn Pottery Seagrove

    Turn & Burn Pottery specializes in traditional wood fired salt glazed, Raku, and horse hair pottery; and commissioned pieces.

  • Uwharrie Crystalline
    Uwharrie Crystalline Seagrove

    Uwharrie Crystalline specializes in decorative crystalline glazed pottery.

  • Village Pottery Marketplace of Seagrove
    Village Pottery Marketplace of Seagrove Seagrove
    Village Pottery Gallery features the works of more than 100 local and regional potters and craftsmen, including handmade basketry, blown and stained glass, and a year-round Christmas corner.
  • Whynot Pottery and Acacia Art Tile
    Whynot Pottery and Acacia Art Tile Seagrove

    Whynot Pottery specializes in decorative and functional stoneware pottery. Acacia Art Tile works in a wide variety of decorative tiles that can be used anywhere in the house; custom orders are available.

  • Williams Pottery
    Williams Pottery Robbins

    Williams Pottery specializes in functional and decorative pottery including platters, mugs, dinnerware, oval and square serving trays.

  • Windsong Pottery
    Windsong Pottery Denton

    Windsong Pottery specializes in handmade functional stoneware in rainbow and floating blue glazes in a variety of decorative shapes.

  • Wyndham and Brooke Haven Pottery
    Wyndham and Brooke Haven Pottery Seagrove

    Wyndham & Brooke Haven Pottery Specializes in wheel-turned and slab-constructed pottery featuring crystalline serving trays and high fired stoneware pieces.

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